Flexible Acetal PMMA

Product /product type: Flexible Acetal PMMA Discs

Product shape: Discs and blocks in different diameters

Type of material: Synthetic material (Acetal)

Composition (Masse-%) clear material:               

Synthetic material (Acetal)     100%                

Composition (Masse-%) colored material:             

Synthetic material (Acetal)   99.9% -100%              

Moisture Absorption:         0.22 wt%

Pigments and additive       < 0.10%

Material Properties: 

Density (g/cm³):              1.41

Tensile Strength:             61MPa

Flexural Strength:            90MPa

General Information:

Flexible Acetal PMMA Discs and milling blocks of the company KINGCH Solutions consist of microcrystalline synthetic material (Acetal). Processing of this material is possible with all milling systems.


Flexible Acetal PMMA Discs and blocks are certified for use in the mouth of the patient. They can be used as temporary construction as well as a permanent solution or for orthodontic splints.