Coloring Liquid

According to the Vita 16-color shade guide (Vita classic) and the 26-color shade guide (Vita 3D-Master), the self-developed dyeing solution for full zirconium dentures has rich and beautiful colors, a wide range of applications, and little impact on the properties of dyed materials , good stability.


(1) Rich colors and good dyeing effect: it can meet customers' requirements for authenticity and beauty to the greatest extent.

(2) Excellent penetrating power, short dyeing time: it can quickly complete the penetration into the inside of the tooth, and is easy to color.

(3) Little impact on material properties: Tests show that after dyeing, the strength and hardness of zirconia have little change.

(4) Simple operation and good stability.

Kingch 16-Color Coloring Liquid


a1, a2, a3, a3.5, a4    b1, b2, b3, b4

c1, c2, c3, c4             d2, d3, d4

Dyeing Effect


Kingch 26-Color Coloring Liquid


1m1, 1m2   2l1.5, 2l2.5, 2m1, 2m2, 2m3, 2r1.5, 2r2.5

3l1.5, 3l2.5, 3m1, 3m2, 3m3, 3r1.5, 3r2.5

4l1.5, 4l2.5, 4m1, 4m2, 4m3, 4r1.5,4r2.5

5m1, 5m2, 5m3

Dyeing Effect