Portable Porcelain Furnace

Product Features:

It can realize the crystallization of glass ceramics, glazing porcelain, filling porcelain, dyeing, ring burning and other functions. Small and compact, it takes up very little space, and it is very easy to place and store. It is especially suitable for clean, tidy and space-demanding dental hospitals, clinics and denture studios. It can be used with a small chairside CNC, and can complete almost all tasks in a very small space.

In addition, it is extremely convenient to carry. In extreme cases, it can be started by using a 12V battery power supply with a driver. It is not afraid of interference such as power failure, and does not affect operations such as temporary porcelain filling and dyeing.


  • Dimension (length, width and height): 18*20*35cm
  • Hearth size: 75*45*90mm
  • Maximum temperature: 1100 degrees Celsius
  • Power: 650W
  • Maximum heating rate: 100 degrees Celsius/min
  • Maximum vacuum: -92kpa
  • Hearth material: whole body high thermal conductivity mullite/silicon carbide
  • Built-in programs: 99 items
  • Hyperbolic support: support hyperbolic
  • Thermocouple: precious metal platinum rhodium thermocouple
  • Vacuum pump: Built-in vacuum pump
  • Voice broadcast function: support voice prompts