Fast Dental Sintering Furnce

Product Features:

  • Voice prompt function.
  • High-quality automatic temperature adjustment function ensures that the actual temperature error is within +/-2 degrees.
  • Driven by precision stepping motor, it runs smoothly and freely without shaking.
  • High-purity silicon carbide rod/silicon molybdenum rod heater.
  • Hyperbolic sintering system, automatic temperature calibration for each sintering process before sintering.
  • Low noise tray with programmable speed.
  • Rapidly sintered zirconia, anatomically complete.
  • Pre-drying time can be set for sintering zirconia.
  • The maximum temperature can be set up to 1650°C.
  • The quick varnish can be done in just 9 minutes.
  • The maximum heating rate is 200°C/min.
  • The sintering furnace does not need to be preheated in advance. Ready to use anytime.
  • Automatic rapid cooling technology.
  • Up to 50-100 restorations (100mm tray) can be sintered.
  • 7-inch true color touch screen, easy to operate.
  • 90 custom programs and built-in programs.
  • Status indication.