Dental Sintering Furnace

Product Features:

(1) Environmental protection, lifting without noise.

(2) Touch screen control is easier and faster.

(3) The furnace adopts a circular structure, and the heating elements are evenly distributed on the circumference, making the temperature field more reasonable and uniform.

(4) The furnace body adopts a bottom-loading automatic lifting structure, which is conducive to safe picking and placing of sintered patterns, especially for high-temperature sintering of zirconia dentures, with good consistency and high permeability.

(5) You can choose the function of automatically running the program at a fixed time, which is more energy-saving. There are 15 solidification programs, which can be selected arbitrarily.

(6) The furnace is made of high-purity imported refractory fiber, which will never change the color of the crown.

Technical Parameters:

Product Name

Lifting Zirconia Sintering Furnace

Product Model


Hearth Model

Bottom feeding, lifting type

Display Modo

Touch Screen

Max. Temp.

1700 ℃

Working Temp.

≤1650 ℃

Heating Rate

Suggest 0-20℃/min

Heating Zone

Single heating zone

Height of Heating Zone


Diameter of Heating one


Temp. Control Accurancy


Heating Modo

Four sides heating

Sealing Method

Pedestal furnace door

Temp. Curve

30 segments of "time-temperature curve" can be set arbitrarily

Stored Curve

Multi-day temperature curves can be stored in advance

Over Temperature Alarm


Overcurrent Protection


Disjunction Indication


Temp. Measure Element

Type B thermocouple

Heating Element

1800 Pure silicon molybdenum rod

Hearth Material

Alumina fiber

Rated Voltage

220V,AC,50-60 Hz

Rated Power

2 Kw

Aftersales Service

1 year warranty whole life repair


Processed wooden box