Dental Porcelain Furnace

Product Parameters:

Heating rate: Max 200℃/min (392℉/min)

Maximum temperature: 1200 ℃ (2283℉) maximum

Maximum temperature holding time: up to 2 hours and 46 minutes

Vacuum level setting standard: 1-101%


Operating range: 100-120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ

Current: 14.5 Amps @ 110V 7.0 Amps @ 230V

Power: Maximum 1500 watts (without vacuum pump)

Typical Specifications:

Volume: 30cm high X 39cm wide X55cm deep

Core platform: 9cm (3.5") diameter

Net weight: 19Kg (within 1Kg depending on the accessories)

Package included weight: 21.5Kg (depending on the accessories as appropriate within 1Kg of difference)