Dental Porcelain Furnace Press

Product Features:

  • Motor-driven die-casting mode, no air source, constant pressure, adjustable speed, high success rate of die-casting.
  • Fully compatible with the porcelain furnace function, it can automatically switch to the porcelain furnace mode or cast porcelain furnace mode according to the selected program.
  • Voice prompt function.
  • High-quality temperature automatic adjustment function ensures that the actual temperature error is within +/-1%.
  • Precision stepper motor drive, smooth free running and no jitter.
  • Quartz spiral hearth.
  • Automatic temperature calibration before each firing program.
  • The tray is low noise and the speed is programmable.
  • True color touch screen, easy to operate.
  • 50 custom programs and built-in programs.
  • The die-casting force is adjustable, and the die-casting distance is displayed in real time.
  • Rift circle detection function.
  • Status indication.